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College Planning Seminar

Lifestyle Education Seminars at the Lasley Centre – Being Your Best!

Join specialists in health, wellness, safety, injury prevention and behavior at the Lasley Centre.  Throughout the year, the Lasley Centre will host a free lifestyle education seminar on a topic that is relevant to our students, families and community. This is a free and public event open to our neighbors and community.


Seminar Description:

College Planning – College is Coming…Are You Ready?   Today, a family can easily exceed $150,000 to $250,000 in college costs for one child! Providing a college education for our children has become one of the top 3 financial purchases in our lives. Gone are the days where good grades, good SAT/ACT scores, and Talent or Athletic ability guaranteed scholarships and grants. The state and federal governments are providing less monies and expecting families to pay a lot more. There are two different prices for a college education- one for the informed family and one for the uninformed. Which price will you pay?

Seminar Agenda:

  1. The best time to plan for college starts as early as 8th grade!
  2. Financial Aid…we make too much to qualify…or so you thought!
  3. Why a state university can cost more than the “expensive” private college!
  4. What makes a student stand out as an “Extraordinary Applicant”?
  5. How to overcome the National Average 6 year undergraduate graduation rate!
  6. Saving for College and Retirement…it IS possible with a plan!

Age Range:

This is a FREE seminar open to the community! Open to all ages, families are encouraged to attend. The topic is designed primarily for parents with children in middle and high school although parents with younger children are welcome to attend.

Date & Time:

Saturday, March 18 at 2:00 PM 60 minutes (45 minute seminar + 15 minute Q &A)

Presented By:

Luanne Lee, Certified College Financial Planning Specialist at Your College Planning Coach

Presenter Bio:

Luanne Lee is a Certified College Financial Planning Specialist and owner of Your College Planning Coach. After seeing so many families struggle unnecessarily with the burden of student loans and the negative impact on retirement plans she decided to specialize her practice on college financial planning, funding and school selection. She has lived in Fauquier County for 22 years with husband Jim after years of overseas living. They have 2 adult children and 3 beautiful grandchildren!


Lasley Centre, Studio C

Important Note:

This is a free event offered by the Lasley Centre and Luanne Lee of Your College Planning Coach. Registration is required to ensure that there is enough space and materials that may be required for the event.


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