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Payment and Tuition Policies

Payment & Tuition Policies


Monthly Tuition Collection
Tuition is due on the 1st of each month for that month’s classes. All payments are collected electronically via credit card. It is the responsibility of the billing contact to ensure that payment information is accurate and up to date as of the 1st of each month. A $35 late fee will be assessed if payment cannot be collected by the 5th of the month due to inaccurate credit card information.

Monthly Tuition Calculation
Tuition is calculated based on the total number of hours per week that a student is enrolled in, according to the following table (Effective June 1, 2017):

Hours Per Week of Class Monthly Payment
.75-1.0 $85.00
1.5-2.0 $150.00
2.5-3.0 $205.00
3.5-4.0 $260.00
4.5-5.0 $300.00
5.5-6.0 $330.00
6.5-7.0 $360.00
7.5-8.0 $390.00
8.5-9.0 $420.00
9.5-10.0 $450.00
10.5-11.0 $470.00
11.5-12.0 $485.00
12.5+ $500.00

Please note: Lasley Centre prices are calculated on a monthly basis for year-round ongoing enrollment.

Leave of Absence / Suspension of Enrollment
Due to the ongoing nature of classes at the Lasley Centre, students are expected to continue attending classes throughout the year, including summer. The Lasley Centre will allow students a temporary leave of absence of up to one month; breaks in attendance of more than one month will cause the student’s account to be deemed inactive and require a new registration fee to be paid upon re-activation.

Click here to open an email requesting a leave of absence.

Withdrawal / Cancellation
30 days written notice is required to withdraw from class. There are no refunds for voluntary class withdrawals.

Registration Fee
Starting with enrollment for classes beginning in the fall of 2015, all students (new and returning) will be charged a one-time $35 fee upon registration. If a student suspends enrollment for more than one month at any time, a new $35 registration fee will be charged upon re-activation of enrollment. These fees are non-refundable.

Performance & Costume Fees
Participation in Spring Recital is included in the monthly tuition rate. A separate Nutcracker performance fee will be assessed for dancers participating in that production.

Costume rental and/or purchase fees will still be charged depending on the details of each dancer’s participation in a given performance. Details will be provided as each performance is being prepared.

Monthly Family Maximum
No family will pay more than $750/mo in tuition fees, regardless of total family participation.

A limited number of scholarships are available to students who can demonstrate financial need. A completed application accompanied by tax forms and current W-2’s are required as a part of the scholarship application. Interested parents may obtain an application at the front desk.