Lasley Centre for the Performing Arts ABT Summer Workshops and Intensives in New York City (NYC)

Summer 2021 Workshops and Intensives

Workshops and Intensives Summer 2021

We are excited to announce that we are putting together a number of workshops and intensives to supplement our regular summer programs! This will include opportunities both at our school and with travel abroad (studying in other locations) to work with world-class instructors.

Nutcracker Movie Performance - Lasley Centre for the Performing Arts in Northern Virginia, Green Screen Magic

Nutcracker Movie Update – April 2021

Lasley Centre's Nutcracker the Movie - Lasley Centre for the Performing Arts in Northern Virginia, Dance School's Movie Poster

Nutcracker: The Movie – Coming Summer 2021

Filmed in November and December 2020, the Lasley Centre’s Nutcracker Movie is well under way in the editing room. Footage for the film was shot at a number of locations in and near Fauquier County, and a large number of dances were filmed on green screen. Our video producer is using CGI technology to transport our dancers to a magical world, far beyond the stage upon which we traditionally see the Nutcracker. Needless to say, this is a time-consuming process. You hear about Hollywood having multi-million dollar budgets for effects, and it still takes entire teams months to complete the special effects for those films. We are doing the best we can to deliver the movie at high quality and in a reasonable amount of time. Expect a summer 2021 release of Nutcracker: The Movie!