Dress Policies

What a dancer wears, and how he/she presents himself/herself is important. Each class has a specific uniform that the dancers are required to wear, as described below, and we have certain other (strong) recommendations for attire coming to class and leaving class.

Students at the Lasley Centre must conform to the Centre’s official class attire policy in order to participate in classes and rehearsals.

The dance uniform is a required discipline and also allows the teachers to easily see what each student is doing clearly, as well as how the group is moving together. All female ballet students are required to have their hair secured in a bun, with pins and hairnets, if necessary. If hair is too short for this, then barrettes, clips or hair bands may be used to keep the hair pulled away from the face. Please see your instructor for more guidance. This sometimes requires some practice. Please ask us if you need help! Jewelry is generally not permitted to be worn during classes, except for single-stud earrings.

While dancewear is appropriate for the studio, it is not appropriate street wear. When entering and exiting the building, to and from dance classes and rehearsals, we ask that all students are properly dressed, covering their leotards and tights with street clothing. (We politely request that no print on the derriere is to be worn, in association with dance, by our students. Thank you.) Students should also dress for the weather, making certain that appropriately warm clothing is worn over the typically lightweight dance apparel expected for class participation.

All class leotards, tights, and ballet flats may be purchased at the front desk. Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, credit card, or items can be billed to student accounts.

Parents of younger students: please make sure that your dancer has the proper fitting shoes for each class they are enrolled in. It is especially important to monitor your young children, as they grow and change sizes very quickly at times. For their physical health, we need to work together to make sure the shoes are always fitting properly. Instructors will occasionally contact you if shoe issues arise.

Boys should discuss attire with their teacher prior to class to determine the proper items.

As a general rule, younger boys should wear the Wearmoi Altan leotard in white, with black footless tights.

Older boys should wear the Wearmoi Ivan leotard in white, with black or grey footless tights, and a dance belt.

Boys should wear white socks and split sole white canvas shoes.
Shoes: Capezio Canvas Romeo (Style# 2021) – White

For adult dancers, a solid color leotard is required, with Bloch tights in light pink or black. Various warmups and skirts are allowed in adult classes.

Modern students should wear a leotard and convertible or footless tights of their choosing.

Students should wear a leotard, tights, and tan jazz shoes. Jazz shorts are acceptable but not required.

Students should wear loose-fitting clothing and flat-bottom sneakers such as Converse All-Stars.

Students should wear comfortable loose fitting street clothes or dance attire.

Students should wear tan, slip-on tap shoes. These shoes are available online, and many are available at The Cinnamon Tree as well.

Students enrolled in Tap III must purchase the Black Capezio Cadence Tap Shoe (pictured below) for classes. This level is dancing at a more advance level which requires more support in their shoes. Purchase these shoes here.

Black Capezio Cadence Tap Shoes Box, Lasley Centre Tap III Class Shoes
Black Capezio Cadence Tap Shoe, Lasley Centre Tap III Class Shoes