In Your Ballet Bag

The following is a list of essentials that every student should have in his or her dance bag at all times so as not to be caught unprepared. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of their own clothing and shoes both at home and at the Centre.

  • ​Dance shoes. A pair (left and right, please!) for each type of dance in which the student is enrolled. Shoes should be kept in good condition. Students should make sure to give their parents enough notice when shoes are wearing out or being outgrown. Parents should check on the status of students’ dance shoes from time to time.
  • A clean pair of tights, free from holes or runs. Accidents happen with tights, you do not want to arrive at a rehearsal or performance without a backup pair.
  • Hair equipment. This includes a hair brush, pony tail holders, spin pins (recommended), hair nets, and hair spray.
  • Hygiene supplies. Hand sanitizer and deodorant can be useful in a pinch.
  • Gold or silver Theraband (available at the front desk).
  • Sewing kit, to repair shoes and ribbons as needed. Needles, thread, small scissors, and a ballpoint pen.
  • Water Bottle. With water in it, preferably. Hydration is key to your energy level.
  • A good book. There may be downtime at a performance, or an unexpected wait for your ride at the end of class. Don’t be stuck twiddling your thumbs.
  • Street clothing. Please make sure to wear weather-appropriate clothing to and from class. For example, coats and sweatpants in winter, shorts in summer, street shoes, etc.
  • A healthy snack. Instructors can tell when you’re hungry, don’t forget to eat the right things to fuel your body!
In Your Ballet Bag, Lasley Centre for the Performing Arts in Northern Virginia