Margriet Grant

Lasley Centre Classes: Visual Arts

Margriet was born on a tulip farm on a small island in the Netherlands. She was shaped by biking in strong winds, long nature walks, and an unending supply of cartoons. “Drawing made me stand out and became a big part of how I saw myself in the world. I had notebooks full of doodles. I mostly drew faces, all imaginary. Still, it never occurred to me to become a portrait painter.” When her whimsical style was discouraged in art school, she ended up earning her bachelor’s in journalism.

In 1998 Margriet moved to Virginia. It didn’t take long for her to go back to her first love of art. While raising a family, she focused on illustration work and had her work published in newspapers, magazines, and illustrated two children’s books. She also organized and taught art lessons for children, learned photography, and began to focus on taking family photos. Beyond that, she assisted artists by taking reference photos for their paintings.

When introduced to classical and contemporary realism, Margriet “was blown away at what I saw other artists do, the level of professionalism. I just hadn’t seen that before. I decided I wanted to learn this.”

Having found her inspiration, she now works in oil, pastel, charcoal, trois crayon (pencil), and attempts silverpoint. She paints on canvas and on copper, a surface the Old Masters used and one that preserves beautifully. Margriet is a member of the Portrait Society of America, the Cecelia Beaux Forum, and is an exhibiting artist at the Art League in Alexandria, VA.

A Sample of Margriet's work

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