Mark Rubin

Ballet Master

Lasley Centre Classes: Ballet, Modern, Adult Ballet, Floor-Barre®

Professional Credits: Ailey II, the Joffrey Ballet, the Bertram Ross Dance Co., the Batsheva Dance Co.

Mark Rubin has been teaching for more than 30 years. He has trained with world renowned teachers such as David Howard, Dolores Brown, Robert Christopher, George Chafee and Nadine Ravine for Ballet; Luigi, Fred Benjamin, Ron Forella and Nat Horne for Jazz; Joyce Tristler, Milton Meyers and Bertram Ross for modern and master teacher Zena Rommett, the originator of the Floor Barre Technique. He has performed with Ailey II, the Joffrey Ballet, the Bertram Ross Dance Co., the Batsheva Dance Co., Nat Horne Musical Theatre, Solos and Duets (produced by Larry Philips) and the Fred Benjamin Dance Co. Mr. Rubin is Lifetime Certified in the Floor -Barre Technique, is currently on the Board of Directors for the Zena Rommett Dance Foundation, was the former Dance Director at the Madeira High School in McLean, Va, Ballet Master at Manassas Ballet Theater, and was assistant rehearsal director and taught company class for CityDance. He has taught at a number of local schools such as Center for Ballet Arts, The Russell School of Ballet, Gainesville Dance Center, Manassas Ballet Academy, the Madeira School, and CityDance Center at Strathmore. He has choreographed States of Grace, Carnival, Danse Festivus, Angelic Overtures and Openings for the Fairfax Ballet.

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