Lasley Centre's Nutcracker the Movie poster

UPDATED: Both acts now available for download.

Dear Families,

We are happy to present the highly anticipated Act I of Nutcracker 2020 for your Thanksgiving viewing, with the release of Act II in time for your Christmas enjoyment.

Mr. Harlan has included a letter to our families, which reflects his integrity. We at Lasley Centre are honored to be affiliated with Talk19 Media and hope that you enjoy Nutcracker 2020.

Kalie Lasley
Executive Director

Dear families and students of Lasley Centre,

I write this message with two goals. The first is address the frustration many of you have
expressed regarding the lack of release of the movie that was filmed last year, and to identify
the correct party who is at fault for it. The second is to provide you with a very reasonable and
realistic expectation of when the video will be available.

I will begin the first goal with a very sincere apology. Dozens of you have been let down
because you committed to supporting and contributed emotionally, financially, artistically, and
in other ways to a project for which you’ve been given absolutely nothing in return. Once all
necessary footage was in my cameras (all filming was done between Nov 28 and Dec 12, 2020),
this project became 100% MY responsibility. Therefore, it has been 100% my fault that you
have seen and heard very little about it in the last year. I am learning now that the good people
at the Lasley Centre have largely “protected me” from the frustrations, skepticism,
disappointment, and other sentiments that you have been voicing for months. Please do not
fault them for this, and please do not blame them for the project’s unacceptable timeline. This
is 100% my fault. I want to apologize to each and every one of you handling this project in a
way that has led to mistrust and negative feelings around an experience that should have been
– and still should be – joyful and exciting. I am truly sorry.
There is always a balance to be struck between time, cost, and quality, no matter what industry
you inspect. I have been so focused on producing something high quality at minimal cost that it
came at the sacrifice of time. I realize now that no one was expecting “Hollywood”, and much
more than they’d like to see the video look like a Marvel blockbuster, they’d much rather see it
while their kids are still kids, and ideally before the next Nutcracker performance happens.
Again I apologize; this time for not being more aware and sensitive to the wants and needs of
the families for whom this video is being made.

Going forward, and to set expectations that I genuinely hope will earn back your trust and
enthusiasm around this project, I’d like to share the following. Act 1, which is more than the
first half of the total Nutcracker program, will be available for download before Thanksgiving
Day. Act 2 will be available before Christmas Eve.

If you have questions about any of this, or need to communicate something to me that has not
been addressed, I implore you contact me directly; my email address is included below. I wish
you all health and happiness ahead of the holidays, and I’ll be in touch very soon with links to
the video.

Best regards,
Scott Harlan